Amateur drama in Borough Green at its finest.


Borograds:  DRAMA IN KENT

Borough Green Amateur Dramatic Society

Borograds produce three shows throughout the year including; Plays, Musicals, Review nights and not forgetting our Annual Family Pantomime! For our Members and Friends, we hold special social events. Productions are rehearsed around Borough Green and we perform our shows at the Village Hall, just off the High Street.

Browse these pages to find out more about who we are, what we get up to and how you can get involved!  

           This site last updated Sunday 16th March 2014

Welcome to our home page. Have a look around, go the the photo album titled 'Past Shows' and see what we have been up to. Look out for links to our other sites to see each show in greater detail. Got any questions... Hit the Contact Us button and we'll get right back to you.             

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     Our next show is to be ' Deliver Us From Evil '  by J.D.Robins

          This will be at Borough Green Village Hall on May 15th, 16th and 17th 2014

                                                 Shows will start at 7:30pm

                   Tickets available from Shakti Newsagent 21 High St, Borough Green

         The show is a Murder Mystery set in the present day at the lovely new rectory,

                                     in the village of Wychcombe Magna.

                            A cast of seven characters, of which only six survive.

                              Will you be able to spot which one of 'em dunnit?